del Norte Day 24
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Passport, scan. Credencíal, stamp. 8 euros. Disposable sheets. Shown to bed. Top bunk? Bottom bunk? Don’t care. Muchas gracias.

Camera down. Make bed. Unzip pack. Hang jacket. Hang fleece. Hang Tilley. Airflow good. Unzip toiletries, hang on bunk bar. Unzip microfiber towel, hang on bunk bar. Unclip water bladder from pack, hang on bunk bar. Unzip pack. Pull out packing cubes, put on bed. Pull out camera bag. Cap lens. Store Leica. Store bag in pack. Pull out Tevas, put on floor. Lock pack. Grab shirt, towel, deodorant, Dr. Bronner’s, Tiger Balm. Find shower.

Shower. Towel dry. Deodorant. Tiger balm right shoulder. Tiger balm left shoulder. AC separation throbbing. Balm left shoulder again. Shoulder orgasm initiated. Put on shirt. Walk to bed.

Unzip cubes. Remove clothes. Put on underwear, pants, socks, Tevas. Brush hair, brush beard. Get called Jesus. Get called Bradley Cooper. Get called 43-year-old Nicholas Cage. Call self homeless. Find wash basin.

Hand wash clothes. Dr. Bronner’s all the way down. Hang clothes, wind blows, clothes fall. Re-hang clothes. No pins. Always the damn pins. Why don’t I just buy pins? A pin has mass. All mass felt. Doesn’t buy pins. Clothes keep falling. Backup plans are good. Strap clothes outside pack tomorrow. Sun. Walk. Natural clothes dryer. Back to bed.

Pull out MacBook case. Pull out camera bag. Open camera bag. Remove Leica. Pull out air blower, lens cloth, camel hair brush. Remove lens cap. Air blow. Awful sound. Squeals like a goat in a choke hold. Apologize to room. Camera still awful. Dusted in pollen? In poppies? In cow shit? In sweat? Open camel hair brush. Brush camera. Remove lens hood, remove filter. Blow, brush, wipe, repeat. Fasten filter, fasten lens hood. Store camera bag. Take cash, take card, put in pocket. Lock pack. Throw Leica on shoulder. Tuck MacBook case under arm. Walk past hospitalero. Smile. Ciao.


10.05km, 2:16:26
14,566 steps

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