del Norte Day 12
Boo de Péilagos → Santillana del Mar

I'm reminded of you all each day. A constellation of people, of memories. We've got folks tuned in from France, New York, Italy, Spain, San Francisco, the U.K. Germany, Israel, Ecuador, Florida, Mexico, and more. Which makes this gang a lot like those I'm walking with, a stream of internationals united by pilgrimage. And I'm weaving between both, a juxtaposition of the physical and the digital.

I was hoping to write more in each letter, but I simply lack the time and energy to put something together of "value" at the end of each day. But copious notes are taken, feelings felt, reflections chewed on, and ideas sketched out. After all, this newsletter is (selfishly) creative accountability for me, a forcing function to be generative. I'm excited to sit with it all this summer and bring order to chaos. I hope the photographs have been telling you a story, and that this story has you curious. I'll continue to write as I can (and many thanks to all writing in!).

Wherever you are, I hope you're trailing days that require less and less desire, less of a perceived void. And that your schedule is a net for catching an honest life, where ease can find you in your deepest cramps.

Cheers from the top bunk,
Michael, Keith, and a bottle of Rioja

20.64km, 4:38:59
30,550 steps

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